Getting the database design right at the start saves countless hours and resources down the line.

We always develop databases with scalability in mind, so you can rest assure that as your business is growing and the data adds up, the system will keep running smoothly.

Our database creation services cover the following.

Management Software installation, configuration and administration. Cluster architecture implementation (RAC, Standby Data Guard). Disaster recovery consulting and implementation.

The benefits you will get:

  • Reduced complexity.
  • Quick access to information.
  • Strong security features.
  • Ability to handle substantial data.
  • Ability to scale your business.
  • Ability to track data in your system.
  • An easy way to automatically contact your customers.
  • A database gives you an ability to quickly see what is going on in your business.
  • A strong database adds to the long-term financial value of your business.
  • By implementing Disaster Recovery tools your systems can be safe from any events that might put your organizations operations at risk whether it`s natural disaster or failure of equipment and cyber-attacks.
  • Clusters link your servers together and make it possible to automatically access data from other servers if the initial one fails. Thus continues availability of critical applications and data is achieved.

Database Support

Whether you are looking to design a new database system, to optimize the performance of your existing application, or to conduct a scalability review of your database architecture, our team of experts is available to help.

Tuna consulting specialises in remote database administration services. We can help your business to become more productive and cut down your costs by offering our remote services for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Mongodb and Cloud database environments.

Once our clients are happy with the solutions, we are still on hand to ensure it works smoothly both from a technical and functional view. We can work with your database regardless of type of maintenance or warranty from the vendor.

If you need any advice or are unsure of exactly which of our services you require, please get in contact with us and free of charge we will discuss the topic and suggest what is right for you.

Database Backup and recovery

Restoring a database backup will ensure that in case of a disaster, the restore process will be successful with no errors or problems in general.

Oracle and other DBMS vendors offer excellent collections of tools to effectively implement backup and recovery policies. Depending on what the customer needs are, Tuna consulting selects optimal and user-friendly methods that are tailored to the needs of your business.

Companies often forget to appreciate an importance of data protection. Below are some of the database problems that would cause a full or partial recovery:

  • Server or storage damage.
  • Problem with data blocks or Data Dictionary.
  • User errors.
  • Database file media failures.
  • Upgrade problems.
  • Data Center outages.

In some cases it is possible to use advanced technologies such as oracle's flashback to avoid the complete restoration or recovery. RMAN can be used to detect corrupted block-levels during backup and restore. Damaged data file recovery could be performed in a way that only related TABLESPACE would be unavailable.

Since data is the heart of most enterprises, it is crucial that all the data backup and recovery plans are implemented correctly to protect the organization.

As a highly advanced disaster recovery solution we can offer implementation and management of systems able to sustain catastrophic situations – RAC (real applications cluster), Standby Data Guard. Our solid experience gives us the skill to make sure that your valuable data is backed up and restored securely. We believe that there is no substitute to experience and that is what we bring to the table.

Database Audit and Optimization

Database servers often hold some of your organisation`s most sensitive and valuable information, thus database auditing helps to answer questions such as: "Who accessed or changed data?", "When was it actually changed?" and "What was the old content prior to the change?" Your ability to answer such questions can make or break a compliance audit.

By optimising the database you can protect it from external or internal unauthorized access and user errors. The impact in terms of reputation and cost could be significant should such information got into wrong hands.

Following your approval Tuna consulting can perform independent tests on your databases to check the security. Our skilled experts will conduct all the necessary assessments to find vulnerabilities and fix them before someone else takes advantage of it.

During database auditing we will:

  • Check the database for any vulnerabilities, incorrectly installed applications and scripts.
  • Investigate suspicious activity.
  • Detect problems with an authorization or access control implementation.
  • Monitor and gather data about specific activities.

Data Migration

Every once in a while you will have to migrate data from one system to another. If this process in not handled by professionals it might cause delays, loss of information and cost overruns.

System upgrades and development of new infrastructures will require you to start a migration process. Our professionals have decades of experience with this process and are aware of all the pitfalls that can cause downtimes and issues.

Tuna consulting will make sure that your database is accessible as much as possible during the migration process. We will work with you to understand what data you are migrating, where it lives, what form it has and the form it will take at its new place. We will make sure that everyone who might be affected by this migration is notified as well.

Performance tuning

Why is My Database Slow?

If you want your servers to run faster, first you have to find the source of your performance bottleneck before beginning any optimisation processes. Most IT ‘Experts’ will blame your hardware and ask you to add more memory, install quicker processors and upgrade the storage to SSD to combat the problem. Agencies have spent millions throwing hardware at performance issues without a good understanding of the true bottlenecks slowing down an application.

Knowing how to optimize performance and understanding that it may have nothing to do with hardware is a great first step towards staying ahead of the growing need for instantaneous access to information.

Tuna consulting only uses the tools and methods which are recommended by Oracle such as Statspack and AWR that can provide essential information regarding the activity in your systems. It will trace any internal or user processes at every level of the database from individual SQL statements to overall database capacity and break down each step to the millisecond. We use this analyses to identify exactly what is currently causing the slowdowns, high resource utilization and what is the limiting factor to your future database application scalability.

The benefits you will get.
After identifying the root of the problem we will know exactly what has to be done, avoiding traditional ‘blind’ and ‘trial and error’ optimization approach.
In return you will:

  • Save valuable resources, time and money.
  • Have systems that are more responsive and fast.
  • Have employees who are not frustrated by painfully slow systems and be more productive.

And of course all of this will eventually benefit your organizations customers.

Remote administration

All your outsourced administrative services will be remotely monitored and managed by Tuna consulting.

There are several reasons why companies choose a remote administrator.

In our practice we have seen companies that have large amount of administrative workload hire junior staff with an intent to save costs. However, the result is an unexperienced employee who only really is needed for administrative tasks anywhere from 40% to 80% of the time. This is why outsourcing your administrative work can be lot less expensive. In addition, you also save costs and time involved with hiring new employee.

Another important reason is the risk of unmanaged downtime. Depending on your business and the time value of the information involved, downtime can easily have a significant financial impact on your company.

Having a remote administrator in place as an insurance plan provides a strong ROI in this case, especially when you are comparing one in-house DBA to a company such as Tuna consulting who has number of database experts to assist you.

The experience we bring to the table means you get results quickly. And we know that there is no substitute to experience.

The way remote administration works is simple. A secure connection will be established by Tuna consulting with your company to allow remote access. If you have any engineers in your company we will work closely with them to thoroughly assess problems and recommend best solutions.

Benefits of our DBA services:

  • Our experts will deliver all your database administration needs for a fraction of the cost of full time in-house DBA.
  • Access the technical expertise not available in-house and avoid the cost and headache of hiring an experienced DBA.
  • Eliminating the risk of downtime.
  • Get 24x7 support to ensure that critical issues are addressed immediately.
  • Get tasks done quicker due to the high level of expertise of our team.
  • Forget about sick days, vacations and employee turnover.
  • Monitoring systems that require minimal intervention or none at all from the customer.

ETL consulting

Whether you are a small company or large an ability to analyse the large amount of data can provide your company with business insight, save costs and create new opportunities.

One of the most important parts of leveraging big data is effective and efficient ETL architecture and design. The specialists who work at Tuna consulting have decades of experience in extracting data from different systems, transforming it into information and then loading it into a dimensional data warehouse to create an efficient business intelligence solution.

An effective ETL architecture is essential for any data bank. We have seen database processing systems brought to such a bad condition that introduction of a new product was more cost effective than restoring the old one. To avoid such outcomes we will strictly separate reporting and operating databases.

We will evaluate your data and extract it in the shortest time.

Our main priority is to guard your information.

*** In addition, any time, without prior agreements and contracts we will quickly assist you and start initial analysis. We perform an audit and prepare general report of a particular information system. Identify weaknesses and offer the optimal ways of solving problems.

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